Worship: Expressed by a lifestyle that glorifies God, demonstrated by a daily and consistent life of prayer, praise, thankfulness and obedience to Him.


Prayer: Expressed by a genuine desire to seek God and belief that prayer motivates everything that we do, demonstrated by a daily and consistent life of individual and corporate prayer. 


Discipleship: Expressed by a genuine desire to know and be like Jesus, demonstrated by a daily and consistent study of the word of God, the Bible.

Family: Expressed by an environment of family and relationships, demonstrated by a life that seeks unity, faithfulness, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Diversity: Expressed through a willingness to worship and live together with a culture not one’s own, demonstrated by celebrating each culture’s virtues and accepting unconditionally each culture’s differences.  

Authenticity: Expressed by pursuing an honest and intimate relationship with God and others demonstrated by living without masks before God and others. 


Generosity: Expressed by an attitude of joy, demonstrated by the sacrifice of time, material goods, abilities and money.


Evangelism: Expressed in the willingness to offer our lives for the cause of Christ, demonstrated by outreach to the local and international communities.

Service: Expressed in a compassionate heart toward those in need, demonstrated in practical ways for each other and the community.